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100 bad mood sentences

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1. I feel colder and colder. After 20 years of loneliness, I always thought I could be with you forever this time. The broken memories left after such a long time also ended in deep snow.
2. Just hurt, after the injury, at least I know how to go nostalgic.
3. The promises you give are actually lies, how could I have believed you till now.
4. The words hidden in my heart are not intentionally concealed, but not all pain can be shouted.
5. Everyone has a love, attentive, emotional, hard, and moved.
6. I locked the door of my heart and lost my keys with all my strength.
7. I turned the ringtone to its maximum and held the phone in my hand to see your message for the first time.
8. Destroy a person with only one sentence, but it takes a thousand words to cultivate a person. Please be merciful.
9. Forgive others is to leave space in your heart so that you can maneuver.
10. The cruelest thing in the world is not that you haven't met someone you love, but that you have met but ended up missing.
11. I'm a child who is so susceptible. If you give some sunshine, it will be brilliant. When the scar is over, I forget the pain. Don't say nice words, I easily take it seriously.
12. If you do n’t understand, just say it. If you understand, do n’t say it, just smile.
13. There is only one true love in a person's life, and even if there is a lingering love, after all, he will not hurt his bones anymore.
14. The gloomy clear sky and the hazy years of haze, I have also owned it.
15. Don't become pitiful to keep someone who doesn't love you.
16. I left the last tear and left without any concerns.
17. Some things I pretend not to know. Some things I pretend not to hear. Some people, I pretend to smile at you.
18. Everyone wants to have a long time, but sometimes it spreads quickly without a smile.
19. Commitment is originally a wrestling between men and women, sometimes rejoicing, but in most cases, both lose.
20. No matter how strong a person is, there is always a soft place in the heart that cannot be touched.
21. Thank you for your heartlessness, let me learn to die.
22. After a day in vain, doing nothing is like committing theft.
23. Everyone uses words to tell their sorrow, but unexpectedly, the more they write, the more they hurt.
24. Cry, give up, but don't forget that you have.
25. Seeing others laugh, they laughed, obviously unhappy, but led inexplicably.
26. Why bother not to forget, whether it feels that he is not cruel enough or that he is not stupid enough to hold the sand, why not lift it.
27. Humble love can't produce flowers. Humble love can only breed unbridled harm and unknowing madness.
28. Be sure to hold back after breaking up, don't go to see any news from him, don't go to the wrong track, or else, the mutual abuse of emotions will be staged. The painful time can only be endured alone. If you do n’t implore or abuse yourself, you can never touch someone who does n’t love you.
29. Don't try to force things that aren't yours, don't try to force people who don't belong to you, because they shouldn't be yours, and sooner or later they should leave. Maybe you won't be so tired.
30. One of the cruelest words in this world is not sorry, nor I hate you. Instead, we can never go back.
31. If you are destined to not have a person, you must force yourself to think less of him every day. It's hard to leave suddenly. Stripping love little by little from the soul can at least make it less painful. Leaving a person also requires practice, gradually calming down, slowly indifferent, and never seeing again.
32. How many misses are due to not saying, how many regrets are due to miss, and how many people live stubbornly in the regrets they missed, and finally choose to pass.
33. Time tells you what aging is, and memories tell you what is naive. Don't always linger in past memories. Yesterday's sun can't dry today's clothes.
34. Anyone leaving you is not a sudden decision. People's hearts are slowly getting colder, and the leaves are getting yellower. The story is slowly written to the end. And love, because it is too much disappointment, it becomes not love.
35. No matter how good others are, they are also others. I am ordinary, but I am unique. May every girl be exquisitely old, with the sun in her eyes, and all smiles.
36. We used to love someone for years and then forget it for years. I have loved it intensely, pained my heart, and then hurriedly took someone else's hand to get married. Don't drink alone without me and never come to me again. You should be happy, I will accompany you here.
37. Even though I know the ending, I am still a very devoted person. Even if I say so hard today, I will still like you when I wake up tomorrow. I'm not prosperous, you know.
38. How many people's relationships change is because of others' mouths. I don't know who I have died under, but those who like me, I regret it; those who suspect me, I avoid it. If you have eyes, don't know me with your ears.
39. Reconciliation is easy, as it is too difficult at first, you are a stab in my throat, it will hurt when pulled out, and it will die if swallowed.
40. The relationship between people is really too fragile. When you really desire something, you never know what will happen in the next second. The most sad thing is that I have been sincere, have no reservations, and then lose all.
41. It's just a journey together, why bother to miss it longer than to go through it.
42. Life is only a drama of one's own. There are crying and laughing, there is a life of a teenager, and there is a mediocre life. He is an actor and an audience, just like a comedian who does not enjoy the audience, laughs at his own behavior, laughs at his own funny.
43. There were no quarrels or blacks this time, but we all understand that since there is no intersection, this should be the best way to leave.
44. The scary thing is not to love the wrong person, but not to dare to love someone with your heart.
45. If you are willing to accompany you, you wo n’t be able to leave. Those who talk about it, you do n’t have to stay at all. Willingness is more important than anything, and it lasts longer than anything.
46. Don't shout pain, not necessarily not feeling. Not required, not necessarily unanticipated. no tearing does not mean no hurt. Do not speak, not necessarily silent.
47. Regrettably, there are thousands of different species. Regardless of the severity of the wound, there will always be a day of healing. But sadly not the same, it will follow you until the end of life.
48. When tears flow down, I realize that separation is another understanding.
49. When I'm in a bad mood, I just want to be quiet and alone. Don't ask for comfort, just ask someone to understand.
50. Everyone has a confession, hesitant and upset, but full of sincerity and courage.
51. He is the one who can never make a definitive end to it.
52. Wait too long to wait for you, is there no longer the original vision.
53. Life has not passed, nor has it ever happened. As long as anything passes, it will be forgotten slowly.
54. Even if you break your heart, you still have that person in your heart. This is the deadly love.
55. Although I know that we have no good results, I still, hopelessly fall in love with you.
56. If you want something, let it go. If it can come back to you, it will always belong to you; if it does not come back, it will not be yours at all.
57. Why take dignity to retain a changed person.
58. There is always an ending to a story written on paper. No one knows the ending in the heart.
59. Quietly waiting for the reality to float and sink. There is no shortage of people in my world. I never need anyone to step into my life.
60. Tortured by life is a kind of enjoyment and a joy, but more of a helplessness.
61. In the crowded time, there is only a gap for breathing.
62. Thank you for changing me and walking away in disdain, making me so strong now.
63. Don't think too much, since the task has happened once, sadness is useless, release it, it's pretty old.
64. Don't make any decisions when you are in tears, and the less you speak, the better.
65. You don't bother yourself, nor can others worry you.
66. Don't say your preferences at will, the promise you make is the debt you owe!
67. He doesn't like you anymore, is it useful to cry? Is sadness useful? Be strong, this is the best way to avenge him.
68. Women want to live a better life, so they have to follow the path of internalization and externalization.
69. When you know deceit, it is not pitiful. When you do not know deceit, it is the poorest.
70. This is not the worst thing, everything is the same! I hope you get better soon!
71. Assuming you can't forget him, don't forget it. Real oblivion does not require energy.
72. People who do n’t take a shower wo n’t smell good if they rub the perfume hard. Fame and respect is originated from true skills. Virtuous natural fragrance.
73. When you don't know what to say to him, then don't say anything, silence has infinite meaning.
74. The encounter between some people is like a meteor. The instant spark of love is announced, but it is destined to just pass by.
75. Rather than rejecting the fact that it has been established, you might as well accept it. This is called fate.
76. People can change, deceive by threes, don't be too old. Don't give up, because it's not worth it.
77. Let me stand where my heart is broken, and gently knot a knot, a kind of sew, to prevent the pain from flowing again.
78. After you leave, I always say to myself: I will find a better one. In fact, I just told myself not to cry.
79. Sometimes I'm tired, I don't want to talk or move, I don't need comfort and company, I just want to be alone.
80. Maybe you will never know, your words, I will remember for a long time; your disapproval of a promise, but I waited hard.
81. How can a person's life be as satisfactory as possible, but be ashamed of my heart, life is short, don't regret whether it is good or not, don't be disappointed if you are happy, life is wonderful, life is good. Life is alive, not a long time. As long as you have done your best and used your feelings, you don't need to regret, let alone regret. It's worth it!
82. Don't always blame yourself for accommodating others. Few people in this world deserve to bend over. Bending for a long time will only make people get used to your low posture, yours is not important.
83. Girl, you work so hard not to marry the legendary Ruyi Langjun; you are so good not to be a mother to the baby. You never owe someone a relationship or owe anyone a child, you I owe myself a happy look.
84. How can there be so many mind-to-heart in the world, you just give what you are willing to get out of the way. If you think too much about the feelings of others, you are doomed. So ah, the rest of my life is not that long, please be loyal to yourself and live like yourself.
85. Some people say that no matter how cold the heart will be covered by a hot day; but they forget that no matter how hot the heart is, there will be a day of frostbite.
86. How can there be so many minds in the world, and what you give blindly is just someone who is used to getting out of the way. Excessive consideration of other people's feelings is destined to be uncomfortable.
87. Don't toss, one person works hard, can not maintain the relationship between two people, you are busy approaching, he is busy walking.
88. I rejected everyone's ambiguity, just waiting for an uncertain future for you; I bet with the happiness of my life, how can you let me lose.
89. If the affection is disappointed, why not spend the rest of my life alone.
90. Happiness is like drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm. You don't need to bask in the circle of friends. Real happiness is not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart.
91. Missing like a horse, self-separation, not stopping. Some emotions look too light and hurt others; too much and hurt themselves. Perhaps those who are too emotional will not get better after all.
92. Everyone has a dead end. They can't walk out by themselves and others can't break in. I put the deepest secret there. You don't understand me, and I don't blame you.
93. There are thousands of words in my heart that I want to say to you, but I can't find a reason to disturb you. I have thousands of times to care about you, but I can't find a suitable identity.
94. The most heartbreaking feeling in the world is not a broken heart, but when I give my heart to you, you are deceiving me.
95. Today, everything is beyond recognition.
96. I know how to protect myself after pain; I know how heartache feels when I cry; I know how to persevere and give up when I am stupid; In fact, life doesn't need such unnecessary attachments. There is really nothing to give up without anything.
97. Do not inquire about the scenery that has passed by. The lost and found things will not return to the original look at all. Just when the wind has not blown, you have not been there, and I have never loved it.
98. Sometimes, the more you hide your feelings about a person, the deeper you fall. It turns out that there are some people you think are important. If you don't contact him, he will never contact you.
99. In the world of ruthlessness, everyone comes and goes in a hurry. No one will be with you forever. No one will always be attentive and considerate. You might as well learn to love yourself and live up to the rest of your life.
100. Anything in the world can easily betray you. Even an aspirin can expire silently in the days when you are alive and well, and lose its effect when you have a headache, but the memory is too loyal.
101. One night after many years, will you suddenly think of me, and then tears like a flood, only to discover that you owed me too much.
102. We always like to think of a person willingly, but in the end we often find that it is only ourselves who are touched. I think, maybe there is no love in wishful thinking, only cheap, so we will be so painful. He is the starry sky you are out of reach but not your lights.
103. The disappointment of the girl comes from the last time you have in your mouth. I will never do it again. I will not do this in the future. Then you will be the same as before. There is no change at all. It can tolerate your immaturity, but no People can't stand you growing up.
104. There is no legend of a grassy warbler flying in this city, it will always live in reality, fast drumming, hurried figures, numb eyes, false smiles, and I am being assimilated.
105. You can't help but not find him, but you can't help but don't reply to him when he responds to you, so you always lose.
106. It is said that those who cannot sleep at night because they wake up in someone else's dream.
107. The most painful thing to lose a person is not the turbulent discomfort when you just lost it, but when you think that time has cured everything, but you are so surprised that you can't stop thinking about this person. .
108. I know that people who want to leave are asking for one more word, but even if I beg you, you are still gone.
109. I still like myself, I am not disappointed, not concerned, not touched, and not disappointed. The deepest loneliness is not a long-term person, but that there is no expectation in my heart.
110. The saddest thing in feelings is that it is repeated over and over again. At the end, even a little thought is lost, and there is no trace of warmth.
111. Make a lot of connections, just don't hurt anyone.
112. To understand a person, you only need to see if his starting point is the same as his destination, and you can know if he is genuine.
113. Don't be afraid to do one thing, don't be afraid to touch the scene, don't be afraid to say the wrong thing, don't be afraid to think about the past, don't be afraid to face the future.
114. I learned after many years that it was not you who didn't come, but you went to another intersection.
115. Forgetting you is to prove that I can forget you.
116. The past left me with a gentle smile, the dust covered has long since died.
117. You are not me, why do you say how I am.
118. If you can find your faults as accurately as you look at the faults of others, then your life will be extraordinary.
119. It is normal to have negative emotions, but you must know that you must understand that this is only a small part of your life. In the rest of the time, try to stabilize your emotions as much as possible.
120. You insist on taking pure things seriously, and you will be very painful.

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