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Depressed mood helpless sentence

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1. You once told me that you have a story and I have wine, and let me accompany you for the rest of my life. But it turned out that I was left with stories and spirits.
2. You promised me everything but gave me nothing, I promised nothing but gave you everything for me.
3. Don't toss, one person works hard, can not maintain the relationship between two people, you are busy approaching, he is busy walking.
4. In fact, no one can tell you what to do if you abandon a person. You can only survive countless dark nights yourself, and then get up as usual the next day and pretend that nothing has happened. In fact, it is not a big deal. The relationship is two. Personal things, he does not love you, you love yourself.
5. The best marriage is not that you are responsible for raising the family, I am responsible for the beauty, but that we are evenly matched, you are good, and I am not bad.
6. Later, I think you are nothing special, just happened to catch up with my warmth when I was so stupid that I had nothing to do, until my strength was exhausted.
7. How good it is to stand up to how ridiculous it is.
8. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange scenery, and listens to strange songs. In the end, you will find that the things that you tried to forget are really forgotten.
9. Lonely and helpless is probably woke up in the middle of the night with a stomachache, cold sweats, wet clothes, pillows and hair, and a piece of black paint, surrounded by a barren person, husky voice can not speak, no water, no medicine, no him.
10. The more you care, the more tired you are. If you ca n’t keep things, do n’t throw them away, otherwise, if you trip over you later, you deserve it.
11. Don't live for one person. It is painful for one person to bear the love between two people. Only two hearts who truly manage the love are true love.
12. Passing by, you and I do not belong to each other. Indifferent treasure and goodbye, indifferent feelings and bitterness have turned into dust, and we should cherish the present.
13. I have to admit that I once thought that I would be with you for a lifetime. I let go of all my pride and accommodated everything to you, but I still could n’t go to the end. I wo n’t blame you because you are me. The most unexpected bravery is also the entanglement that has to be given up.
14. I hate myself for trying to chat with you. I'm such a proud person. I removed all the armor for you, but I still can't get your distress. Desperately trying to catch you, only to find myself in the wind.
15. The difference between you and me is probably that I handed the knife to you with a knife in my hand, afraid that you might be injured, and you held the knife handle into my chest, afraid that I would entangle.
16. The difference between giving up and letting go: giving up is the sacrifice that originally belongs to you, and letting go is to let go of those that are never yours.
17. I thought it was a great thing to like it. I can go over mountains and mountains, go to the sky, and then I understand. Actually, it's not. It can't even make you happy.
18. Sometimes I think the world is small, and people who do n’t want to see can meet in a supermarket. Sometimes I feel that the world is big, but the people I want to meet really don't see each other.
19. I only hope that after many years, no matter what the relationship is, when you talk about me, you can pat your breasts, squint your eyes, and tell others that you never regret to know me, and you are really happy.
20. Only you can save you, you don't have to be entangled in external judgments, you don't have to fall into the eyes of others, you don't have to distort yourself to please the world. A truly strong person is not the mouth but the heart.
21. You don't know how sad I am at certain moments. You don't know, waiting without a response is really tiring. You don't know how much courage I dared to miss. Or maybe you do n’t know, you just pretend you do n’t know. Why am I so stupid.
22. See how much a person loves you: not how good he is to you when you are romantic; but how much he can still make you when you start arguing.
23. I tried to count the injuries you gave with a smile, but in the end, tears flowed out of my eyes with a smile.
24. Maybe I'm tired and don't want to hurt myself anymore, so I buried my pain quietly.
25. Those who I carelessly love eventually become the lover of others.
26. No one will distress me, even if I cry and tear my heart and my lungs, I will be hurt all over.
27. If there is, you will leave me, I will not stay with you, I know you have your reasons; if there are, you say you still love me, I will tell you, in fact I am waiting for you; And then, I will stop, stare at your back and tell myself that person I once loved.
28. I can't cry, I can't laugh, and I will disappear when tired. I, I wo n’t ask, I wo n’t mention it, I ’m sad, and if I ’m in pain, I keep walking and use silence instead.
29. No one is really good to me. I can only hug myself and tell myself not to cry when I am lonely.
30. Because I care about you, I always explain, but you always say that I am covering up. Can you hurt me without seeing me strong.
31. Sometimes I feel like a neurosis. Class name or class instance.
32. My heart is tired and I no longer struggle. There are many people with me, but they are not the one in my heart.
33. In your eyes, I'm never good enough. It turns out that you just never loved me.
34. The most tiring thing in the world is to watch your heart break, and you have to stick it by yourself
35. The heart is so tired that even the energy of anger and care is gone. When we say "all right", it is often the most uncomfortable time.
36. Clothes will fade, walls will be mottled, books will turn yellow, and he will become cold and strange. Do n’t laugh, your tears will fall.
37. I'm the least good at retaining, but you all have to go.
38. I'm not lost, I'm not hurt, I'm not angry, I'm just a bit tired, I'm tired of giving too much and giving too little in return.
39. The human heart can be tolerant repeatedly, and can bear the wounds repeatedly. However, I forget that people are tired.
40. Some injuries only fit in my heart, just like some people only fit to forget. I used to think that if you really treat someone you love forever, you can always remember it, but now it is just a joke.
41. He can't see you drunk or crying at night, don't be stupid, no one is distressed, it's really worthless.
42. Maybe I'm still tired in the end, letting go of all my perseverance, I will take my away.
43. I used to think that if you really treat someone you love forever, you can always remember it, but now it is just a joke.
44. The saddest thing in the world is that when the person who used to love you becomes yours, you are no longer important to her.
45. Don't squeeze the world out of the world, it's hard to be cheap for others, why not.
46. It's not that I don't love anymore, it's just that my heart is tired.
47. The disappointment has never disappointed me, and every time I earnestly disappointed me, so I couldn't hold the sand.
48. The happiness I have achieved finally stabbed me deeply.
49. I have never changed, I just learned to pretend. Stumbled through the most mournful and gloomiest moments in life, those most difficult times.
50. You know that I don't know what to say, why don't you leave. Maybe he even felt guilty when he heard your voice, so how can you hiss how to scream?
51. Tired of heart, could you tear off the false mask and cry out? When you're upset, it's best to go forward in silence, and don't hesitate to move forward, because you have to choose to kneel and walk away; no matter how beautiful your life is, there is no regret, because you can have sweetness when you calm down.
52. Crazy, stupid, clinging, insisting, patience, and in the end, people.
53. Give time, let the past pass, and let the beginning begin. The things that make you sad, there are, you will say with a smile.
54. Some things, missed, are sons; some people, body, become forever.
55. Memory is like water poured into the palm. No matter if you spread it out or hold it tightly, it will still drip clean from your fingers.
56. In the world of love, no one is sorry, but only who does not know who to cherish.
57. Feelings are so delicate that they cannot be refused when it comes; when it is about to leave, you have exhausted all your wit and can't keep it.
58. If you walk too far, don't look back. If you walk too far, don't miss each other.
59. Was loneliness in love with me, or was I in love with loneliness.
60. What promises, what sea dry rocks are rotten, have long been broken into puppets everywhere.
61. We are always smiling, and finally we are afraid to cry.
62. The memory is like water in the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it out or hold it tight, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers.
63. I can't help but feel sad, so I slowly learn to cover up; because I don't want to be stabbed again, I gradually learn to camouflage.
64. Sometimes even no amount of comfort and guidance is useless. It is only you who can convince and encourage you.
65. Sometimes I always don't care, but when everything becomes a memory, I realize that I can't bear this feeling of loss.
66. In fact, I know that your world does not have me, why should I bury me in your world.
67. Some things can't stand it again.
68. I'm still that stubborn child, even if my eyes are red, I have to look proud.
69. Forgive me for loving you so deeply, but without saying a word.
70. We are all a poor group of people. The people we like are not available, we do not cherish, we are skeptical together, we lose our memories, we miss each other, we hate to see each other late, and we are full of life. It's a pity.
71. Some things ca n’t be done by hard work. The RMB 50 yuan is designed to look good, and there is no one hundred yuan to attract people.
72. Exile yourself from wandering into the distance, hoping that time can heal this wound.
73. Pain spreads through the whole nerve of my heart. My heart of missing my heart has not changed.
74. As long as enthusiasm is still there, even if youth fades away.
75. I took ninety-nine steps for you, the last step I want to leave to my own dignity.
76. The classroom that once accompanied me to cry with me to accompany me to play with me to laugh with me laughed with me and punished me. It was gone.
77. This is a popular world to leave, but we are not good at saying goodbye.
78. I'm used to it doesn't matter, but I don't really care about nothing.
79. There are thousands of words in my heart that I want to say to you, but I can't find a reason to disturb you. I have thousands of times to care about you, but I can't find a suitable identity.
80. I have never changed, I just learned to pretend. Stumbled through the most mournful and gloomiest moments in life, those most difficult times.
81. I like you like a monk from Tang Dynasty going to Xitian to learn scriptures. He has to go through nine hundred and eighty-one difficulties, and Tang monk got the scriptures. I didn't marry you.
82. A glass of respect for your carelessness, a glass of respect for myself. You and I have never been here before, and the future will be endless.
83. One person's wishful thinking will not change the longevity of two people.
84. Many times, what we cannot let go is not the other party, but the common memories of those who have passed away.
85. If I can return to the past, I will choose not to know you, not because I regret it, but that I cannot face the end without you.
86. Smile at me again, just like when you first met.
87. People are sometimes pitiful. Those whom they like are not available, not cherished, suspicions together, lost memories, missed misses, hate to meet late, and regrets throughout their lives.
88. It's always a fantasy, but I never expected to be disappointed again and again.
89. If you take the initiative for a long time, you will be tired. If you care about it, you will collapse. If you are silent for a long time, you will suffer. If you miss it, you will cry. As a result, it was so embarrassing.
90. If you do n’t respond to the message, do n’t send it again. If you do n’t have a response, just let go. If you do n’t want to ignore you, do n’t bother.
91. You won't understand the feeling of being so lonely to your throat, wanting to cry and being afraid of no one comforting, tearing your tears and continuing to smile.
92. I thought that I was invincible, not poisonous, but I didn't expect that in the end, I was still a child who would cry. Love is more serious than anyone else, but in the end I am alone.
93. If I hadn't met before, maybe I wouldn't be who I am now. In your world, I laughed and pained. Now you are exhausted and silently walk out of your world with your own shadow.
94. The reason why there is a night in the world is for those who have wounds, to give them a piece of black that can lick the wounds alone, and it is not easy to be found.
95. Once a person has feelings, he will not be able to use it. You said that we should respect the past with a glass of wine, and never love again. In fact, even if you are drunk at dusk alone, if the person reaches out, you will still follow him.
96. Crazy, stupid, persistent, persistent, loved, but in the end alone. I realized that it wasn't mine, and I shouldn't.
97. Loving someone in the name of a friend doesn't even have the right to be jealous. The more you like it, the more sad you are.
98. Sometimes, my heart is like a knife cut, but I want a bright smile, obviously fragile, but so strong, tears in my eyes, but tell everyone that I am fine.
99. Actually, I don't mind, just smile and say it doesn't matter.
100. Remember to go back when you go the wrong way, and let go of someone who loves the wrong one. If you pretend to be impenetrable, you must be prepared to be penetrated by all arrows.

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