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100 sentences of feelings about life

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1. In the world, apart from life and death, which is not a nonsense.
2. If you look up occasionally, you will see a warm window.
3. After you lose it, you wo n’t know how to cherish it.
4. Happiness is comparative, and you need to have something at the bottom to feel it.
5. If you hold the past too tightly, how can you free up your hands to embrace the present?
6. It is not that love has changed, but that love and being loved are in the wrong position.
7. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to hurt a person, perhaps the greatest salvation for your future life.
8. Fewer things, less natural suffering; less words in the mouth, less natural harm; less food in the belly, less natural disease; less desire in the heart, less natural worry.
9. You can stick to your ideals, but you don't need to be stubborn.
10, maturity is not because of an old mentality, but when the tears in the corner of the eye can still smile.
11. When people make mistakes, they mostly use their brains too much when they should use their true feelings, and they are too emotional when they should use their brains.
12, the hard 没有 city does not have soft 旳 love, life is not Lin Daiyu, not because of sorrow, you can have all kinds of customs.
13. Conscience is the most impartial judge for everyone. You can deceive others, but you can never deceive your own conscience.
14. Don't waste your life, where you will regret it.
15. When the mother gave the son something, the son laughed; when the son gave the mother something, the mother cried.
16. It is helpless to give up. It is ignorance to give up. It is incompetence to give up. It is incompetence to give up. It is perseverance to give up.
17. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance slowly in the rain.
18. There is no rehearsal in life, it is live broadcast every day!
19. The one who knows best about himself is always only himself.
20. Sometimes you think that the sky is going to fall down, but you are actually crooked.
21. When you can't make a decision, let time decide for you. If you still can't decide, do it again. Rather make mistakes without leaving regrets.
22. There is too little happiness because we want too much. The simpler the life and day, the more happy it will be, and the easier it will be to appreciate the true meaning of happiness.
23. Sunflower thought she couldn't do without the sun, but she didn't realize she couldn't do without the soil.
24. The most painful thing is often not the misfortune of life, but the destruction of your hopes.
25. There is no fault in life, only miss.
26. A person who knows how to position himself is really living a good life.
27. Those bustling sorrows are a thing of the past. Please don't be disappointed. Ordinarily it is for the most beautiful anger.
28. Life is like a passenger. Come happily and walk away happily. Most importantly, grasp the present!
29. In the days of living for others, maybe just breathing is my own.
30. No one can restrain us except ourselves
31. The world is so big that not everyone can get the results they want.
32. Life is only three days. Those who lived yesterday are confused; those who live tomorrow wait; those who live today are the most practical.
33. I hope I don't feel guilty about life every time I recall.
34. Too much care becomes a fetter, and lost for too long becomes a pain.
35. Swing back and forth, just to keep yourself from stopping.
36. God only holds half of us, the harder we work, the bigger the half in our hands.
37. Only when a person has a broken relationship, can they have a close relationship.
38. High society is built on poverty and ignorance.
39. God is fair because he is not fair to everyone.
40. Dandelion, where is the end of its journey, landing is also a happiness.
41. When nostalgia has become a classic disease, we are already sick.
42. Cacti are destined to protect desert salamanders throughout their lives.
43. We can be disappointed, but not blindly.
44. Mercy is a loan. For your sake, it is better not to abuse it.
45. When your enemy makes a mistake, don't bother him.
46. Don't give up what you were determined to achieve just because you failed once.
47. Brave people dig their own destiny. Everyone is the pioneer of their own destiny.
48. If a person does not know where he is heading, then any wind is not a tailwind.
49. I can accept failure, but I absolutely cannot accept that I have never struggled.
50. Friendship is built in comrades, consolidated in sincerity, developed in criticism, and ruined in flattery.
51. Failure is also what I need. It is as valuable to me as success.
52. If you lose your footing, you may immediately stand up again, lose faith, you may never recover.
53. There will be times when life is unsatisfactory. The more unsatisfactory and the more able to cheer, the easier it will be.
54. The best way to keep something is to ignore it. Too much love is easy to destroy. Forget about it so that it has more chances to survive.
55. We are born with extraordinary parts, waiting to be released one day.
56. No one can go back to the past and start again, but anyone can write a completely different ending from now on.
57. It seems to be the beginning without desire, always ending with a severe blow.
58. The purpose of living is not to live forever, but to live forever.
59. We read the world wrong, but said that the world deceived us.
60. When you realize yourself, you do n’t save others.
61. The mouth of Yoyo is also a cloud of people, so why do you remind me of the old feelings.
62. Hands and hands are separated by air even if they are held, and there is still breath even if the mouth and mouth are kissed, and the heart and the heart are separated by a distance.
63. A wise person always puts his mouth in his heart, but a fool will put his heart in his mouth instead.
64. Please put the sun on your heart, and let the spring water flow to the bottom of your heart.
65. Beautiful women are pleasing to the eyes, mature women are pleasing to the heart.
66. Being jealous of others will not add any benefit to yourself. Being jealous of others cannot reduce their achievements.
67. Listen attentively to what others say, don't rush to express your own opinions.
68. Only your future can splurge on my present; only my favorites can give me the most lethal harm.
69. Forgiving others is to leave space in your heart so that you can maneuver.
70. Defamating others is like spitting people with blood, first polluting their mouths.
71. The wise man seeks times, the fool moves against time.
72. If she could go with her, she would be free in the world.
73. Love is like a cup of delicious fragrant coffee; marriage is a coffee cup with residual coffee grounds.
74. The reason why people are so tired is that they cannot put down the shelf, tear their faces, and untie the complex.
75. From your own stand, not everyone is in line with your appetite; from another standpoint, why do you have the appetite of everyone?
76. People who can simplify complex problems are talents, and people who can simplify simple problems are stupid people.
77. Loss is just a gesture, and gain is not the same as happiness.
78. A woman is a book. A man is most concerned about copyright. If it is a pirated book, he must first ask the minimum discount.
79. Opportunity is equal to everyone. You can't have the chance to shoot, but when the opportunity comes, you can't have no bullets.
80. When you climb up, be sure to keep the ladder tidy, otherwise you may slip when you come down.
81. Respect for others is to solemnly yourself.
82. When I woke up, I began to yearn for love, and love just happened to have a weird dream.
83. The unlikely things may be realized today, and the impossible things may be realized tomorrow.
84. Success is not doing what you like to do, but doing what you should do.
85. When a person is unable to make a choice when facing a choice, he should choose the one he has not experienced.
86. Wealth is not much possession, but less extravagance.
87. A simple post hoc summary is useless. The key is some rules that can be expected beforehand.
88. All real problems are never solved, but forgotten.
89. Everyone's love story is a Bible, which records the generation and future of the world.
90. The experience of life is like a pencil ... it is very sharp at the beginning ... the more you experience, the smoother it becomes ... if you ca n’t bear it, it will break.
91. Calmness is a kind of life culture, and innocence is a character.
92. When people come to this world, they hold hands because he wants a lot of things; when they die, their hands are released because they want to open.
93. I heard that the frog only eats moving things, and it is inferred that the frog will not hit her if the swan is not moving.
94. In the era when the remainder is king, those who can survive have become industry leaders.
95. Youth is like smoking. The smoke was flying. Soot is falling.
96. People must be honest with themselves. Love has no traffic lights and will not tell you when to leave and when to stop. You can only go bravely by instinct.
97. It doesn't matter how others evaluate you. The most important thing is that you have to look at yourself.
98. Our life today was decided three years ago, and our life three years later was decided today.
99. In our lives, we are either role models or references for others.
100. The butterfly has become a flower, so you do n’t have to fly non-stop to show your freedom. The quiet and quiet stay is also a happy sorrow.

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