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100 short and powerful mood quotes

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1. You are just passing by, I am just passing by, we are just passing by.
2. Don't think of me when you are lonely. You can think of me when you are lonely.
3. Not that we get too little, but we are too greedy
4, the sky does not give me the way to go, I find the way to go by myself, the ground will not let my road level, I flatten myself! If you are not mad this year, you will not call young people!
5. Use silence to deal with the criticisms of others. In the strong, it is a kind of manner, but in the weak, it is a kind of wisdom.
6, not every sentence is sorry, it can be changed.
7. Sunlight fell down the city, and the mark of time was rotten in layers behind it.
8. If you take the initiative for a long time, everyone will be tired.
9. I am waiting for you in situ, but you are like a kite with a broken line.
10. How strong can you be so that you can never forget your thoughts.
11, loneliness is not born, but from the moment you fall in love with someone.
12. Princes like princesses, so do frog princes. Cinderella is just accidental.
13. People should not miss two things, the last car to go home and someone who loves you.
14. As the years pass, whoever wets the yellowed photos with crystal tears for whom.
15. Life always polishes the light and roundness we have polished, but we have lost the original look.
16. Love is humble, friendship is ridiculous, and love is the only one.
17. There are many things in the world that must be done, but you don't necessarily like to do them. This is the whole meaning of a philosopher.
18. Patch together an incomplete past and a glorious future.
19. Anxiety can rejuvenate the country, and closing your eyes can raise your soul.
20. Nothing can resist the time that devours everything.
21, the night is sugar, sweet makes people panic.
22. Every night when you go offline, I always look so desolate.
23. I traded my heart for endless flowery.
24. Only me exists on your blacklist.
25. Since you can't keep up, choose to step back.
26. Youth is like dandelion.
27. Hearing his and her upcoming wedding, I'm afraid of the ending that ended in tragedy.
28. See you next time, will you be so sad?
29. I will ask one more question and you will run away.
30. I really can't feel your concern, even a little bit.
31. Dream, I once held him in my palm, but was shattered by its dazzling light.
32. I don't know if it is such a coincidence. I can only say that there are too many words that are unclear.
33. Knowing him and my tragedy ruined my own mood of leaving this haze and walking happily with you.
34. I used to think that the extremely prosperous soft time turned out to be a passionate youth.
35. You turned a blind eye to me, which made me unable to tell.
36. I have only discovered today that there are only empty holes in my world.
37. Every day we are far away, always make me miss you every day.
38. Even if the signature is changed a thousand times, you will not pay attention to me.
39. Lonely tearing, I can't bear my years.
40, the sun is scattered on the face, piecemeal, just like you are in my heart, sore.
41. Tears always wet your cheeks because of you inexplicably. People all over the world understand, why don't you understand?
42. It has not been easy to love you for so long. Now I have decided to forget, but you appear in my sight.
43, I really want to go back to when I didn't meet you, so I won't be so sad.
44. How many times have I edited and deleted text messages with the same content.
45. To say too much is better to be silent; to think too much will make me sad.
46. Quit smoking, and then smoke again.
47. So close and so far, reality and dreams overlap.
48. The courage to love you has disappeared into the air.
49. Because we are not perfect, we need each other.
50. Love that is not aimed at possession is true love.
51. Calling you to do your homework is like trying to choke your meat.
52. When you are young, don't talk forever, cherish.
53. Many times, a sentence is not enough to forgive.
54. Your swearing promise to me, time makes it an irreversible journey.
55. Young body. And the decay of death. It is only a matter of time consumption.
56. If emotions can hibernate, will we not be hurt anymore.
57. Send you a leaf of lucky grass, let the reward be quiet in my world.
58. Don't say that I am feigned or pretentious, I just don't talk well.
59. Only ostriches think they are avoiding each other, and they cannot see each other.
60. Now you must look carefully for the target, because there are too many people who are not male or female!
61. Please don't make a perfunctory statement about loving me, thinking about me. I know it will be sad.
62. All the memories that you feel can bring you pain, and now when you think about it, it will bring you a smile.
63. I buried all my memories and just wanted to have a better future.
64. Distance is just a piece of space. The closer the heart is, the closer the distance is.
65. Time will slowly fade and we never forget.
66. My hesitation, killing the patience of too many people.
67. Some lyrics are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Whether we listen to songs or ourselves.
68. Half of my life is bad luck, and the other half is dealing with bad luck.
69, really bad people are not terrible, terrible are fake good people.
70, God created you is his creativity, you can live in this world is your courage.
71. Happiness is on my left, but I am not left-handed to catch you.
72, streamers easily leave people, any vow to flow away in the wind.
73. Paste your love and copy my love for you.
74. People cannot bring money into coffins, but money may bring people into coffins.
75. Dislike is dislike. No amount of sweet words will only make the other party feel vulgar.
76. Sitting at my side, the peace and calm that made me think forever for no reason.
77. I'm like broken glass and I can't put it together again.
78. I didn't know until I felt pain, and then filled it with those pale words.
79. I dreamed that you betrayed me and I would just cry.
80. Tears remind me that I have nothing early.
81. Every time you do this, leave me aside and don't even look at me, you know, it makes me feel uneasy.
82. In your eyes, I don't see a trace of care.
83. You ignore it again and again, have you ever thought about the feelings of others.
84. The eyes are the grave of the soul, and you are the grave of my soul.
85. You gave me two choices, but it was an ending.
86. Yes, I am wrong, I am the one who misses you, and I love you.
87. Looking at those familiar head portraits, my heart is sour, sour.
88. I'm more sad and less sad for you. The tears left are not worth it.
89. This strange city can never find anything about you.
90. Although I am ready to accept the blow, my heart will still hurt.
91. The smile after letting go is only used to cover the painful scars.
92. I am so worthless in your heart. Do you believe it? Maybe you are selfish.
93. I love you so much for what it is useful for, but it is not me who can give you happiness.
94. I laughed blankly, but could not cry sadly.
95, you are not me, you do not understand my sadness.
96. I can cry but I cannot lose.
97. Why is it so dishonest to me and it's so difficult to tell me your fault? I will forgive it.
98. Everyone has a lifelong companion, but it is not me who accompanies her.
99. I really just want to spend the rest of my life quietly and with less worries.
100. Anything, as long as it is willing, can always be simple.

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