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100 classic and beautiful mood quotes

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1. The best feeling in the world is to know that someone is thinking of you.
2. At the most suitable age, put on the most beautiful wedding dress and marry the most secure person.
3. The taste of being missed is so flattering.
4. Sometimes, a word from you can make me remember for a few days. Sometimes, a word from you can also disappoint me for a few days. That's it.
5. Tell yourself that you can't be mad or lazy anymore, the future is very important.
6. Some injured people will be more brave because they know that it hurts the most.
7. How a person views himself determines his fate and points to his destination.
8. As long as you want, as long as I have. Do what I can and do everything I can. I gave it to you, but I could n’t give it to the second person. You gave it to me, please do n’t give it to a second person.
9. The more concentrated the intoxication, the deeper the tiredness.
10. Fall in your arms, you cannot escape the devil's claw.
11. If allowed, I can take whose hand to the end of the end.
12. Whatever you say and think, it's not my business, I only have him in my eyes
13, interested people, no matter how far away they will remember each other; unintentional people, near, but far away.
14. Don't take your woman seriously. One day, another man will come and thank you for not knowing her.
15. I really want someone to say to me: You don't have to change yourself, I can get used to it.
16. Even if you ca n’t forget some memories, you have to pretend you ca n’t remember them, because you like them, so you do n’t have so many reasons.
17. What I lost will never be found again, but I am still wandering.
18. Dear, do you think there is anyone more suitable for you than me.
19. Some things need to be desperate to see through.
20, I will never forget you, there will always be your place in the corner of my heart.
21. We are like needles on the surface, turning constantly, while turning, watching the time rush away, but there is nothing we can do.
22. Time didn't wait for me. You forgot to take me away. I left the fireflies in my left hand and the right hand was a long meditation for ten years.
23. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and weak the language is. There is always gap between the words and feelings.
24. Lovers are people who eat, chat, tell stories and quarrel together. People who will stay together until their hair turns white, and when the weather is nice, they will go out and walk together.
25. Holding my hand and walking with your eyes closed will not get lost.
26. I like to be with you, even if I don't say a word, your expression makes me happy.
27. I forgot which year, month, and day. On which wall I carved a face, a smile and a sad look at my face.
28. If you are sad, try to look up at the sky, forget it when you look at it ... it is so big that it can tolerate all your grievances.
29. My dad's horseshoe is a beautiful mistake. I am just a passenger, not a person.
30. Be ideal, not fantasy, be passionate, not arrogant. Be content with everything.
31. My tears remained, and the soft grass underneath was irrigated. I don't know if the memory and sorrow will be opened in the next year.
32. Many times, I don't think so, but I can't control myself and say the opposite.
33. What you say to me, I have always believed, even if I knew that I would fall from heaven to hell in the next second.
34. At the moment of touching each other, the heart beats and resonates to eternity.
35. After love lifts us up, let the heart learn to fall
36. I wake up every morning and see you and the sun are here. This is the future I want.
37. I would rather believe in my tears than in your explanation.
38. You said that letting go of love will gradually go away. I said that the roses will wither away from the water
39. The simple two words make people see through and make people sink.
40. It is not the love you enjoy, but the warmth you give.
41. Standing at the corner, if I smile, I think of you.
42. I hope someone tells me that missing me sometimes makes him uncomfortable
43. If I can, I want to put you in the deepest part of my heart. I want to protect you from getting worse.
44. Love is an experience, even if the heart is broken, it will feel sweet
45. The sour taste is the notice of happiness.
46. That sentence I love you, I will keep silent in my heart for you, I will only say to you ...
47. Now, I will slowly let you delete me from your memory.
48. Those who truly love you will not say many words that love you, but will do many things that love you.
49. It's not that you don't expect eternal love songs. You say that the most beautiful love is called memory.
50. Love is the same as gambling, and those with red eyes take bets on organs.
51. I just want to write down the phrase I love you
52. I miss you, I miss your tenderness, and I have come to rely on it.
53. Whether the next second is the end of the world or not, I just want to hold on quietly.
54. With your back to you, you decide to find your own happiness.
55. But sometimes love is kind and sometimes cruel. How can I love him as much as I love you.
56. Missing each other is also a kind of possession, with wonderful memories.
57. Waiting is a spiritual commitment, not a verbal agreement.
58. An inadvertent look back from you made me promise the third life and the third life.
59. Sing half of the song, and you will sing the remaining half.
60. Many thoughts are moments, but many moments are thoughts.
61. Perhaps, just the regrets can be regarded as—good memories.
62. The real failure is not that you did nothing, but that you are willing to fail.
63. It turns out that some people you think are important. If you don't contact him, he will never contact you.
64. Listen, everyone will have things that are annoying, annoying, and caring. Don't think about them. Such things just get worse if you think about it. If you just put it in your heart, it won't be so heavy. If you think about it with your head, you are finished.
65. If one day, you can't be moved by your heart, you can't be angered by your anger, can't make you cry anymore, you can know what this life has given you, What have you paid for growth.
66. Everything will be okay, even if it is not today, it will one day.
67. When people are tired, they rest; when they are tired, they are calm. When we grow up and mature, this society can see through. Tired and sad, squat down and give yourself a hug. Because no one in this world can sympathize with you and have pity on you. You cry, your tears are yours; you hurt, no one can appreciate it. Then you only smile with tears.
68. A lot of things we thought we would never forget in our lifetime were forgotten by us in the days we never forget.
69. Life is like a chess game. It is a sad thing to make a mistake and lose all. This is a sad thing; and life is not as good as chess game.
70. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Even if it hurts your heart, you should forget it with a smile and start the next journey.
71. I've stood too long and said too long. I'm tired myself. Why don't you understand? I've written too much, I've written too long, I'm tired, why don't you understand?
72. It doesn't have to be a lover to like someone. Sometimes, being a friend is enough. Friends are things of a lifetime.
73. If memories are as hard as steel, should I smile or cry, if steel is corroded like memory, is this a happy city or a ruin?
74. We must accept disappointment, because it is limited, but we must not lose hope, because it is infinite.
75. When I held you, you were a cup. When you let go, you were a glass dumpling. -To those who do not know how to cherish.
76. If you just meet but can't keep each other, life is best not to meet.
77. I always thought that the story of mountains is water, the story of clouds is wind, you are my story, but I do n’t know if I am your story.
78. When I grew up, this society taught me, no heart, no lungs, no feeling, no itching, no pain, no care.
79. One person is willing to wait, another person is willing to appear. One person is willing to appear, the other person is willing to persevere. One person is willing to persevere, and another person is willing to commit to life.
80. Nothing is forever and nothing will last long. Make an excuse, anyone can go first.
81. The memory is the water that is poured into the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it out or hold it tightly, after all, it will still flow cleanly from the fingers.
82. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm prints of a certain period of time; hiding at a certain place, missing a person who is standing in and out of the way, let me worry.
83. When you think someone is mysterious, you will be attracted; when you think someone is romantic, you will fall in love; however, this is fleeting. Life only begins when you feel that someone has become a habit.
84. Those who think of you will naturally come to see you, and those who love you will do everything possible to come to you.
85. Always attached to you all the time, even if you are not with me, this is happiness
86. The so-called loyalty is because the bargaining chips are not enough.
87. In fact, I like a person, not necessarily to be together every day. Just knowing he is doing well is a happy thing.
88. The person who stays with me last is often not the one we love the most or the one who loves us the most.
89. There are only two women in love, a satisfied woman and an unsatisfied woman.
90. Life is making choices. Once you make your choices, you must live in your decisions.
91. If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky be lost, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.
92. Some people, once they meet, will have a glance for ten thousand years; some people will be overwhelmed when they start.
93. Everyone has a world, quiet and lonely.
94. If we are all children, we can stay in the place of time and sit together while listening to those stories that never grow old.
95. There is no legend that the grass and long warbler fly in this city. It will always live in reality, quick drums, hurried figures, numb eyes, false smiles, and I am being assimilated.
96. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is not to retain time, but to retain memory. Like the feeling of initial acquaintance, even an inadvertent smile is our most missed story. Hopefully, time, as you see it.
97. Sometimes men should be a bit temperamental, and treat some people with too gentleness and patience, because being too kind will lose our value and dignity, being too kind is a fool.
98. The sound of the cello is like a river. The left bank is a memory that I can't forget, and the right bank is a bright age that I deserve to hold tightly. What flows in the middle is my sensation every year!
99. I did n’t know that when I was dying, staring at the sky turned so desolate, I heard the sorrow of the snowbird, and swept away obliquely. I saw your face floating on the blue sky, so I Smiled, because I saw you, happy as a little kid.
100. It turns out that the children who are attached to the text are always unhappy. Their happiness is like a playful child who wanders to the sky, but wanders to the sky but refuses to return.

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