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100 quotations about love mood

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1. No matter how much you are disappointed in the opposite sex, you have no reason to be disappointed in love. Because love itself is hope, always a hope of life. Love is your own quality, your own soul, your own situation, and has nothing to do with others.
2. If you pay more attention to others, you will reflect on yourself less. Do you understand?
3. If you give up, you should not regret it. If you lose it, you should not remember it. Let go of who you should let go, and quit the show without ending.
4, is to find a warm person to spend the rest of his life. Love is company.
5. I said I should quit this or that, I said I should go to bed early and get up early to exercise and be healthy, I said I should cherish myself, I said I should make myself happy, and the results. Say sorry to yourself soon.
6, always have to gradually mature, slowly see this flashy world more clearly. Seeing through the disguised truth and seeing the hidden falsehood, many things that were originally believed will no longer be believed. However, you have to believe that this world is always better than dark, joy is always more than suffering, and there are many things that you should always believe.
7. Each of us is a dreamer. When the dream is gone, only homesickness is left.
8. Don't let me wait for you again, I'm afraid I don't have enough courage to wait in place forever, and I'm afraid we can't find each other when we walk around.
9. If a person cannot forgive others from the heart, he will never feel at ease.
10. In this life, what makes me most happy is to look at my friends, one by one.
11. Don't live too tired, don't be too tired to be busy; don't be too expensive if you want to eat, don't talk about waste when you want to wear; Peace of mind is always the most beautiful, and happy every day!
12. If making mistakes is the price you must pay for growth, then correcting mistakes is a mature process. Only when people make mistakes can they know how to avoid not committing them in the future. Even so, they may never lose the opportunity to make corrections. The mistakes that ca n’t be corrected are the most tortured.
13. I have been working for 3 minutes, but I have loved you for so long.
14. Learn to treat it with a smile, be detached, know how to forbear, understand how to forgive, and let yourself grow in tolerance.
15. No matter what you are facing today, since you have reached this point, stick to it; give yourself some affirmation that you are stronger than you think.
16. Have you ever been like this, and you really want to chat with someone in your heart, but you want him to come to you first, and stare at his head over and over again.
17. If I really fall in love with a person, a woman will have more and more panic in her heart, and will try every means to catch him every day. Really fall in love with someone, the man is relieved and then do other things he should do. The woman complained that the other party gave too little, just because you gave him too much. So don't always think he takes you too lightly. Maybe you just take him too seriously .
18. In a world that cannot be squeezed in, don't force it. Do n’t push the threshold. Do n’t do it. Do n’t force it. Do n’t force it. When the outlines of the years are folded, they will sink to the bottom of the heart, seemingly unknown secrets, all secretly resolved the past. We all spend the glory and paleness of youth in a time of repetition.
19. When I was young and ignorant, it was an age of courage. Because we were ignorant, we were meaningless.
20. Sometimes love is like waiting for a bus. The bus that you do n’t want to take will stop for you frequently, but you really ca n’t wait for it, like a deliberate prank. When the bus finally arrived late, it was like an appointment that two or three buses came in a row, making people wonder what was going on. 过的是否才是最好的选择。 No matter which one you sit on, you can't erase the faint mind, always worrying about whether you missed is the best choice.
21. The beginning is beautiful, the process is tiring, the ending is sad, sobering is difficult. Life is a station. Come in and go out. Yesterday, it is a landscape. I saw it. It is blurred. Time is a passing passenger. Remember and forget. Life is a funnel. Attitude, indulgence, and convergence; life is calm, crying, and laughing .
22. There is a kind of pain that hurts the left atrium and then despair. Don't expect, don't imagine, don't force, let it be, if it is destined, it will happen. In reality, many people can be our mirrors. Some people exist to let you know that you can try to learn just like him. 相反着做就很好。 Some people are telling you that his words and deeds are good for you.
23. Remember, not everyone is sincere. So don't believe it so easily.
24. Life is tasteful, life is not complicated, simple is enough; life is not prosperous, just plain is enough, life, one journey in the mountains, one journey in the water, no one can keep it, the flowers of late spring No one knows, for a touch of the setting sun, who will he hang around for, cherish fate, and know how to be safe with circumstances.
25. Friend, I have the responsibility to scold him, and he has the responsibility to scold me. There are mutual obligations in terms of career, emotion, and life. Each meeting should be rewarded, and each other feels a pleasure in the existence of the other, rather than hang around all day.
26. Gentlemen intersect, round as you go, and be comfortable everywhere.
27. If you live a day, you are blessed and you should cherish it. When I cried that I had no shoes on, I found someone who had no feet.
28. I occasionally feel decadent, but never pretend.
29. After the summer, our classroom was full again, but it wasn't us anymore.
30. You must always forgive sentient beings, no matter how bad he is, or even if he has hurt you, you must let go to get real happiness.
31. Don't keep dissatisfied with others, you should always review yourself. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.
32, life is like a balance, always needs some kind of balance: one side is giving, one side is receiving; one side is giving, one side is getting; one side is farming, one side is harvesting; one side is material, one side is spirit; One side is others. God is also very difficult. He cannot give you all the good things, nor can he give you all the misfortunes. 失,你才能找到生命的最佳平衡状态。 Look down on gains and losses , you can find the best balance of life.
33. If love is the most hurtful thing, it is not that she does not love you, or that you do not love him. It is obviously in love, she can't love you, or you can't love him. Looking, but not hugging; thinking, but not owning; walking, but not synchronizing; talking, but not facing each other. Even if I have exhausted all my life's strength and overdrawn my life's luck, I have been unable to approach! Also face day and day forgetting.
34. The so-called mentality is just not as good as you want it to be. It is ego and clings to your own ideals of painting. When there is a gap, you are troubled. Life is like a game of chess, and the opponent is our environment. Some people can anticipate a dozen steps or even dozens of steps, and make arrangements early; some people can only see a few steps or even take one step and count one step.
35. Many people always feel a sense of powerlessness in their lives and feel that they are limited by the environment and reality. In fact, the environment and reality are like the external and tangible ropes on the elephant's feet. What binds us is not the external and tangible reality and environment. It is imprinted deep inside and formed in the process of growth. Many intangible constraints.
36. When you put down, you have no trouble.
37. It ’s kind to see someone ’s wall fall. If you ca n’t help, then it ’s kind to not push. Seeing people drinking porridge, you ’re eating meat. Do not want to comfort, then unfortunate misfortune is also a kindness; as a teacher, if you can't be in the world, it is also a kindness to not mislead people.
38. Happiness is not immortality, it is not fish and meat, it is not power. Happiness is each tiny wish come true. There is something to eat when you want to eat, and someone to love you when you want to be loved.
39. I don't regret everything I did, including blindfolding and believing in someone. On other days, if I am penetrated by the arrows, I will admit it. But you have to remember that after the injury, there is no forgiveness.
40. That summer, I was looking forward to the university; this summer, I was looking forward to that year.
41. I often hurt you because I believe in our relationship.
42. I don't think that when people grow up, they will become more tolerant and can accept everything. On the contrary, I think it should be a process of gradual elimination, knowing what is most important to me and knowing what is not important. Then, be a simple person.
43. People who are full of their opinions and thoughts will never hear the voices of others.
44. I was really tired, so I thought about it and disappeared directly, so that no one could find it. There is no need to face some people and certain things, face this reality full of lies.
45. Life is not a nuisance, but a sculpture.
46. Life is like fireworks. It is impossible to hang the sky forever. No one is perfect. Let it be. Do n’t blame easily. The world is turbid and you ca n’t let it go. At any time, don't think of who you are or who you are, you are you.
47. Only by sitting lonely, can one regain the noise; after experiencing sorrow, you can see the joy again; taste the bitterness, and you will naturally return to sweetness. With this in mind, you can face the gully of life more calmly and walk through the four seasons. The speaker is random, but life is a long process after all. Every inch of time must be experienced by yourself, and every cup of rain dew must be tasted by yourself.
48. Time has turned the bitterness into a laugh in the future, and the years have also smoothed the restlessness of youth. Maybe there will be someone who always has trouble with you but you really want to live with him; but fortunately, there is nothing wrong with it.
49. It is impossible to say why you truly love someone. You only know that whenever and wherever you are, and you are in a good mood, you want this person to accompany you.
50. Every trauma is a maturity.
51. I am willing only because of you; because I am young, I believe.
52. Simple giving, changing words with mood, using thoughts to spread thoughts, a lot of knowledge came into the heart. I have slowly created myself, changed today, and created tomorrow. That ’s it. It ’s simple, just like this, accumulate yourself, change words, change deeds, you must spend your own tempering and thinking.
53. People must believe in their talents. They don't have to care too much about what others think, and they don't have to care too much about how others deny their right and wrong. In fact, the happiness of a person is something that he always pursues, as long as he feels it. It is worth it to be happy. One thought blossoms, one thought blossoms. After a long time in this mountain, we have to go on our own.
54. Forgive my greed and always want to keep everyone who is good to me, only to find that some people can't keep it anyway.
55. A person's life must be crazy once, whether for a person, a relationship, a journey, or a dream.
56, may wish to love me lightly, but courtship me for a long time.
57. You must always thank all beings for your adversity.
58. Life is not bitter. The bitterness is too much desire; the soul is not tired. The tiredness is too much capture. The course of life is to gradually reduce desire and chase; the deep meaning of destiny is to learn to give up and wait, to give up all the hustle and bustle, and wait for the soul to quiet slowly. ,都要用当下的遗忘,穿越万道红尘,让心波澜不惊。 No matter how hard it was yesterday, we must use today's smile to sing it into a happy memory; once we were tired again , we must use the current forgetting to pass through all the red dust, so that our hearts will not be disturbed.
59. My love is not so complicated. Two hearts, one family, love me, treat me well, and others do not ask much.
60. How others see you has nothing to do with you. How you live will have nothing to do with others.
61. How much love is left in the world to welcome the vicissitudes of life. Do happy things with lovers, don't ask if it's a fate.
62. If making mistakes is the price of growth, then correcting mistakes is a mature process. Only when people make mistakes can they know how to avoid not committing them in the future. Even so, they may never lose the opportunity to make corrections. The mistakes that ca n’t be corrected are the most tortured.
63. Never waste your minutes and think about anyone you don't like.
64. When you are happy, you have to think that this happiness is not eternal. When you are in pain you have to think that the pain is not eternal.
65. The psychologist said: The boy didn't take the initiative to find the girl, which means that he really didn't want to ignore her. The girl did not seek the boy because she was waiting for him.
66. Please show your dissatisfaction and grievances with compassion and gentleness, and others will easily accept them.
67. A person, if his mind is clear, he will be able to act, and his heart will be open. He has desire but is not obsessed with desire. People who live peacefully have a calm heart at the bottom of their hearts, the clouds are bluer and the boats are more secluded. Time is a thief, always stealing many casually, beautiful face, true emotions, happy life. 要游戏,但不能游戏人生。 Life requires play, but it cannot play.
68. When I am tired of everything, I think of you. The thought that you live somewhere in the world and exist, I am willing to endure everything. Your presence is important to me.
69. Walk quietly and watch silently, no matter whether it is wind or rain, or bumps, I only wish that the person I love is happy.
70. I believe in this world, some people have some things and some love. The first time I saw them, I was destined to be bound for life, and I was destined to grow like a tree in my heart and live forever.
71. Happiness is that there is no need to be constantly feared in life. Happiness is that people in politics do n’t have to be afraid of assassinations, protesters do n’t have to be afraid of oppression, rich people do n’t have to be afraid of kidnapping, poor people do n’t have to be afraid of the last bowl being confiscated, middle class need not be afraid of bloody revolution, and the general public need not be afraid of the leader saying There may be war tomorrow.
72. Silently caring and blessing others is an intangible gift.
73. Life can't be spotless, without any impurities, just like water is clear without fish. Life is a little bit sweet, a little bit bitter, a little bit good, a little bit bad, a little bit hopeful, and a little bit helpless, and life will be more vivid, beautiful, and long-lasting. 包容,就会发现这个世界并不像你以为的那样糟糕。 No matter how good people are, they are not perfect. No matter how beautiful love is, they are not clean. If you try to be tolerant, you will find that the world is not as bad as you think.
74. It is shameful to use a method of hurting others to cover up their shortcomings.
75. I don't know what I am clinging to, but I know that I have been embarrassing myself.
76. Laziness is a very strange thing. It makes you think that it is ease, rest, and blessing; but in fact it gives you boredom, burnout, depression; it deprives you of hope for the future and cuts you off. Friendship with others makes your mind narrower and increasingly doubts about life.
77. Emotion is the cause of distress. You can only get comfortable by letting it go.
78. Don't kiss if you are not sure. Feelings can easily ruin a person.
79. Being alone is also a landscape of life. In the final analysis, life is still a state of mind. A person with a wide heart acknowledges that he has weaknesses, understands that others are not obliged to face himself, and knows how to conform to heaven. So don't worry about failure, don't worry about losing sorrow, let it be, let it be.
80. Loving someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a boat at the airport. Don't blame others for letting you down, blame your own expectations.
81. There are always some things that we do not want to happen, but we must accept; there are always some things that we do not want to know, but we must understand; there are always some people that we cannot do without, but we must learn to let go; there are always times that we do May it pass, but find it powerless.
82. Don't think too great of yourself, you know, in the world of others, no matter how well you do, you are just a supporting role.
83. Let it be, let me know how much despair and unwillingness, if you understand.
84. Your heart is where I go to the end of the world and want to return.
85. Today ’s persistence will cause tomorrow ’s regret.
86. Why do you have poison in the same bottle? The same psychology, why should you be full of troubles?
87. It takes only one sentence to destroy people, but it takes thousands to cultivate a person. Please be merciful.
88. Don't deliberately guess other people's thoughts. If you don't have the correct judgment of wisdom and experience, there will usually be mistakes.
89. You can have love, but don't be attached, because separation is inevitable.
90. Every time a quarrel, whether right or wrong, the man should admit defeat first. Sometimes women are really unreasonable. They don't want to prove that they are right, but they want each other to let themselves ... A good man who hurts a woman has to endure her head and lower her head.
91. Time, it is gold when it is caught, but it is not flowing.
92. If time can go backwards, I will still choose to know you, although it will be scarred, but no one can give the warm memory in my heart. Thank you for coming to my world.
93. You should try everything, because you can't know what kind of people or people will change your life.
94. An arrogant person can be saved, but an inferior person cannot be saved. Knowing himself, surrendering himself, and changing himself can change others.
95. Anything worth having must be worth the wait.
96. Most of the mistakes are because they don't insist, don't work hard, don't keep, and then hypnotize that everything is fate.
97. We have missed all our lives: missed childhood in longing to grow up, missed youth in perplexity, missed interpersonal in doubt and suspicion, missed opportunity in mediocrity. We regret what we missed yesterday, but today we repeat our mistakes. 蹉跎与荒废,酿成往后的一声叹息。 Once wrong, let it be wrong, and leave it to the years to wash away; today's road, carefully examine, and grasp well, do not let the current sorrow and wasteland create a sigh in the future.
98. If the world has betrayed you, I will stand behind you and betray the world.
99. When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.
100, thinking silly, laughing foolishly, waiting dumbly. There is always someone who makes you lose your mind.

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