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100 Sentimental Mood Quotes

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1. If you talk about me behind, it can only show that I live significantly better than you.
2. If life can be refreshed, copy and paste. Then everything can be logged out, shut down, and restarted.
3. Time has not taught me anything, but it has taught me not to believe in myths easily.
4. The hustle and bustle of the world, worldly happiness and happiness, is like a clear stream, passing in the wind, in front of my eyes, warming like a spring, I have no extravagance, I only want you to be happy sad.
5. Being alive is a mood, whether it is poor, wealthy, good or bad, everything is passing by, as long as the mood is good, everything is fine.
6. You can't ask everyone to understand you, understand you, and it will appear that you are a bargain.
7. Can there be someone who can see through my stubbornness and protect my vulnerability.
8. The moment when you broke the cocoon, it was the pain of tearing off a layer of skin. Many butterflies died of the pain at the moment when they broke out of the cocoon.
9. If one day we are not together, we must be together.
10, friends always shelter for you from the wind and rain, if you bear the snow and snow in the distance, and I can do nothing, I will pray, let those snow and snow fall on me.
11. Being a person needs to be simple, not obsessed with fantasy, not bewildered in the future, and take the path of today and live the present life.
12. If you laugh once, I can be happy for several days; but watching you cry once, I am sad for several years.
13. We smiled and said that we stayed where the time was, but in fact we were silently swept away by the torrent.
14. People are always pursuing beauty, but they often miss the beauty of the moment. In fact, greed is the most real poverty, and satisfaction is the most real wealth.
15. The sky is not always clear, and the sun is not always shining, so it occasionally hurts when the mood collapses occasionally.
16. The riots at the airport stopped in a while. The people here all have their own direction. They take off in a hurry, descend in a hurry, take away the stories of others, and leave their memories.
17. Holding your hand, no matter where I am, I feel like I'm running towards heaven.
18. Yesterday passed away, shaking the dust on his body and moving on. Don't let the past steal the future, be your best today.
19. There are only so many positions around a person, and you can only give so much. In this small circle, some people want to come in, and some people have to leave.
20. There is no despair in the world, only people who are desperate.
21. Don't blame others for letting you down. Blame our own expectations too much.
22. We are all like children. We make trouble by relying on you; understand politeness because you are an outsider.
23. Who is the passenger in whose life, who is the runner of life, the dust of previous lives, the wind of this life, the endless sad spirit, and ultimately no one is who.
24. Because I know that you are a child that is easy to worry about, so I will not fly too far when I give it to you.
25. People who know me think I'm quiet, people who know me think I'm crazy, and only those who know me know that I am actually sad.
26. Don't be afraid that others look down, but you will not work hard
27. I look at you with smile, silence, pride, loss, just like I do now, so I am happy with you and sad with you, but I have been standing now and you have always stayed in the past.
28. You know so many people in this world, so many people are related to you, no matter how you change, you can't make everyone like you, so you don't need to care about the eyes of others to become the person you want to be.
29. Forgetting is our unchangeable destiny. Everything is like misaligned drawings. Everything in the past can't go back to the past, so it slowly extends little by little. Maybe we should forget.
30. We have been searching, searching, the ending we all have.
31. Only when you are most downcast will you know who is the idiot who is worried about you and who is the same as the stranger.
32. Don't blame friends for not giving you a hug or encouraging you to get used to someone when you are lost.
33. Remember the leaves that want to rot, those fresh and tender greens have been buried in the front of the time scale, but the overwhelming rotten smell is left at the end of the time scale.
34. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange landscapes, listens to strange songs, and then at an unintentional moment, you will find that the things that you had tried to forget are really forgotten.
35. If a woman really loves you, she will lose her temper for you because of many things, but always stick to you.
36. Life is like a multiple choice question. What bothers you is often many options, not the question itself.
37. A woman's best dowry is a caring and warm heart, and a man's best engagement gift is life's accommodation and pain.
38. Keep going, don't care what others say or say, do what you have to do for yourself!
39. If love can be explained, vows can be modified. If you meet me, you can reschedule. Then life will be easier. If one day, I can finally forget you. However, this is not a casual story. Nor is it a drama to be performed tomorrow. I can't find the original, and then erase you in one stroke.
40. Someone told me that the fish's memory is only 7 seconds. After 7 seconds, it doesn't remember the past and everything becomes new again. So, the fish in that little fish tank will never get bored. I would rather be a fish. I will forget everything after 7 seconds. People I have met and things I have done can disappear. 法忘记牵挂的苦,无法忘记相思的痛。 But I'm not a fish. I can't forget the person I love, I can't forget the pain I care about, and I can't forget the pain of Acacia.
41. The saddest thing is when you meet a special person, but understand that it will never be together, or sooner or later, you have to give up.
42. A person always takes a strange road, sees strange scenery, and listens to strange songs. In the end, you will find that the things that you tried to forget are really forgotten.
43. Although there are accidents, storms, and dangers in life, there are more than one road in the world, and more than one hope. Perhaps, if you cross the waves, you will be able to go forward, play strings with the wind, and play the mountains and rivers; maybe, if you overcome the obstacles, you will be able to relax and sing along, and enjoy the elegant charm of silk and bamboo.
44. Although the world is cruel, as long as you are willing to go, there will always be a way; you ca n’t see the beauty because you did n’t keep going.
45. Companionship, that is, whether you need it or not, I am always there.
46. Learn from everyone, but don't imitate anyone.
47. Eyes should not be used to cry for the person who hurt you, but should be used to find the right person.
48. To girls: Be yourself, don't try to please others or try to be someone. It's better to be your original self than to make a copy of anyone.
49. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when he think of him will never change.
50. How you want to live is entirely up to you.
51. Don't talk nonsense when you don't understand. Don't say more when you understand. When you are upset, speak slowly. When not talking, don't say it.
52. If I can wait for a miracle, I would rather wait, even for a year or a lifetime!
53. The wound is like me, a stubborn child who refuses to heal because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.
54. I haven't stopped loving you, I just don't show it anymore, because no matter how hard I try, you won't know.
55. You can drink when the water is cold. My heart is cold, and even happiness is lonely.
56. Keep yourself busy, so busy that you don't have time to think about insignificant things, so many things are quietly forgotten.
57. What is happiness? It is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
58. Many things have passed, but the state of mind has not been forgotten. This is probably the value of memories.
59. It's yours, it's yours. the more grip, more likely to lose. We worked hard, cherished it, and had a clear conscience. I'll leave the rest to fate.
60. If the ending is not what I want, then I would rather not participate in the process. I have my pride, why should I humble myself for you.
61. I didn't think too much, I didn't ask too much. Life is bland, not sad, not happy, not disturbed, just fine.
62. Sometimes I do n’t understand, I just do n’t want to understand; sometimes I do n’t know, I just do n’t want to speak; sometimes I do n’t understand, but I do n’t know what to do, so I keep silent.
63. Close your eyes and clear your heart. Let the past pass by, and live your life with ease and willingness.
64. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you and count my loneliness over and over again at each starry night.
65. Those who previously said they will never be separated have already been scattered in the horizon.
66. Happiness and happiness are so similar, but is happiness happiness?
67. Some roads are far away, and it will be tiring to go on. But if you do n’t leave, you will regret it.
68. Leaving makes things simple, people become kind, and like children, we start again.
69. Why is the better a person is, the less cherished that person is.
70. I was brave for too long and decided to live for you alone.
71. You gave me a tear, and I saw all the oceans in your heart.
72. Different people, doing the same thing for you, will feel very different. Because what we care about is often not what people do, but just the people who do things.
73. Regardless of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, being able to be suddenly bright is a beautiful day.
74. Don't make yourself cry easily. When you laugh, the whole world laughs. But when you cry, you alone are crying all over the world ...
75. They were ambiguous. When were they ambiguous?
76. After working hard, I didn't know many things. If I persisted, I came.
77. Not every effort will have gains, but every harvest must work hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
78. Don't chase what you desire, you will never have.
79. Don't take my concern for granted. No matter how much I love you, there will eventually be a tired day.
80. Time will tell you the truth. Some things don't become clear until you're gradually awake.
81. A beast is injured. It can run to a cave to hide by itself, and then lick and lick the wound, and insist on it, but once it is warmed by the boo, it can't stand it.
82. You have to learn to weigh the pros and cons, learn to give up something, and then you may get something.
83. You must know how hypocritical the society is if you let reality give you a slap; you must know that the heart is awesome if you let the so-called friend hurt you nothing.
84. What determines your tomorrow is not tomorrow, but what you do today. Our today is determined by the past, and our tomorrow is determined by today.
85. The outside world is actually very large, but many people are constrained by a water glass.
86. My sunset-like sorrow is like a bird of prey, and my bird is flying into my sunset-like sorrow.
87. People from all over the world have left you, and I will be by your side as well.
88. You will never see the way I was when I was the loneliest, because I was the loneliest when you were not around me.
89. Life is to force yourself to be submissive and not to be humiliated.
90. The so-called class reunion is to give everyone who is present a chance to see what it means to be a vicissitudes of life, to see what is like a knife, and what is wrong.
91. In life, just laugh at others and make others laugh by the way.
92. If I stretch out my empty hand to people and get nothing, then of course it is distressed; but if I reach out a full-grown hand and find that no one accepts it, then it is despair.
93. People who used to meet every day are now extravagant.
94. A lifetime is so long that if you don't reach the end of the day, you don't know which one will accompany you to the end. Sometimes you meet someone who thinks it's him, and then you look back, in fact, he just gives you what you want.
95. It's not that you don't want to talk, but there are a lot of things you can't say, and you will be safe in your heart.
96. One day I will silently walk away from you without any sound, I missed a lot, I am always sad alone.
97. Many times, I accidentally know that afterwards, the appearance is indifferent, and using a smile to cover it, in fact, my heart hurts more than anything.
98.Everyone is a king, and he wanders in his own world. Don't listen to me, but don't let me listen to you.
99. At that moment, I seemed to hear the crash of the world.
100. Two things must be remembered in life: don't make decisions when you are angry, and don't make promises when you are happy.

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