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100 Meaningful Quotes

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1. The distance is terrible, because I don't know if the other person misses you or forgets you.
2. I don't know what I'm clinging to, but I know that I have been embarrassing myself.
3. Some things are not persisted when you see hope, but you can only see hope if you persist!
4. Life is so short and the world is so chaotic. I don't want to quarrel, don't want the Cold War, and don't want to have a second of regret with you.
5. If you can explain why you like someone, then this is not love. There is no reason for true love. You love him and don't know why.
6. The reason why the earth is round is because God wants those who are lost or lost to meet again.
7, the enemy that can make you angry, shows that you do not have the confidence to win him; the friend that makes you angry, shows that you still care about his friendship.
8. With wings on your shoulders, you care too much about other people ’s criticisms of flying postures, so you ca n’t fly.
9. Will the love engraved on the back of the chair, like the flowers on the concrete floor, open out of the wild, windless forest.
10, let it be, let me know how much despair and unwillingness, if you understand.
11. I always stare at the sorrow of the rising homelessness.
12, less detours, I missed the scenery, anyway, thanks for the experience.
13. It's yours, it's always yours; it's not yours, no matter how you fight or grab, it won't belong to you.
14. Life will always give you the answer, but it will not tell you everything immediately.
15. Rather than keep your tears in other people's stories, laugh more loudly in your own stories.
16. The strength of a man is not what he can destroy, but what he can protect!
17. I always see the most beautiful scenery in the deepest despair.
18. Life is short for decades. The most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others.
19. It is better to spend time cultivating an imperfect self than to waste time expecting perfect others.
20. The reason to come to this world is because there is such a thing in the world that only I can do it.
21. The so-called love is that one person believes all the lies of another person.
22. The strangeness between us is the distance we can never cross.
23. How much I want us to reconcile, but reality is always cruel.
24. Life is different from fiction. Tragedy cannot achieve beauty.
25. Time has been overwhelmed, and Wake Up has no longer.
26. Choosing to escape is your best way, so I choose to leave.
27. When you are separated, we no longer belong to one world.
28. If not, once was once, the past is long past, be yourself.
29. Because there is a cause, there is a reason. Now that it is done, why bother to say anything.
30. You are like a sun. I can't live without you, but I can't live without you.
31. In fact, I heard people say that betrayal is because of loneliness, but I haven't understood what you think of me.
32. There are many fruits in the world, but there is no if!
33. You have always been my world, and my world has been lost.
34. There has never been a way to keep me calm, and there has never been a state that can make me peaceful.
35. I will never beg again, not for others, for myself.
36. I don't look up at the Ferris wheel, because happiness is too far away from me.
37. When you are tired, sleep and wake up and smile.
38. Some things can only be appreciated but not tasted.
39. I believed that tomorrow is the future for him.
40. I would rather just quarrel and apologize well.
41. I do n’t have time to participate in your past. I have to depend on your future.
42. Let the storm be more violent, and let those who are dating drench in chickens.
43. Don't look back, it's tonight; you went to heaven, I went to hell.
44. I always thought that I was your Euler Beauty, but you resolutely chose Xiang Piao Piao.
45. The hourglass of time precipitates the past that cannot escape, and the hands of memory always pick up those bright sadness.
46. Under the innocent smile, unidentified objects still flowing in his bones.
47. In the past, no one can hold them in their hands. Whoever lives at this moment, lives in a life without complaints.
48. When life sets you a lot of levels, hold it up again. After every time you bite your teeth and pass the level, you will find that what you want is in your hands, and what you want to lose is left behind.
49. Just in the sunshine. Take advantage of the breeze. While the flowers are not yet blooming. While still young, you can go a long, long way, and you can tell deep and deep thoughts.
50, love to me, not a skin relative, not a vegetable and a meal. It is an immortal desire, a heroic dream in a tired life.
51. Only with an independent heart can you have a complete self. Sometimes, we do n’t need a supporting role on the stage, nor do we need the audience. Acting on our own roles, we will perform to the fullest.
52. Silence does not mean that you have nothing to say. Leaving does not mean that he is very chic. Being happy doesn't mean you are not sad. Happiness does not mean that you have not hurt.
53. The one who makes you cry is your favorite person; the one who understands your tears is the one who loves you the most. The one who wipes your tears for you is the last person to stay with you.
54. Sometimes you forgive others just because you still want to keep them in your life.
55. Some people are really unhappy, some people are just boring, just don't know how to cherish.
56. Learn to treat it with a smile, be detached, know how to forgive, understand how to forgive, and let yourself grow in tolerance.
57. Why is it that the flesh grows so heartily that I am dying in pain, and TA can be so free and so determined, how is it done.
58. Whoever has expectations first is a loser, and ruthless people are more likely to be happy.
59. If you feel that every door in your life has been closed, then please remember one sentence: the closed door may not be locked, at least one push in the past.
60. The more you know, the more you lose, and how many beautiful things you can't bear. But dear, you know, you can see and see through the world, but not through it.
61. Living is a practice of loneliness and loneliness. No matter it is noble or humble, it is necessary to chase your own destiny strongly. Only you want it, and then you can have it.
62. Many people feel that they are too tired to live, in fact they may just sleep too late.
63. Birds in the sky, is your loneliness more than me, or my sorrow more than you, the rest of the time, you stay with me, OK, so that you are not lonely, I will not be sad ...
64. You are vulgar enough. I told this lie the year before.
65, butterflies, after all, can't fly the sea.
66. No matter what the outcome of the final Russians, I am willing to accompany you to the end.
67. Behind success really needs a lot of bitterness.
68. Don't sing songs, don't let sad love songs make you restless.
69. It turns out that there are really many things.
70. Memories will always slap me, pointing to old injuries that will not allow me to forget.
71. I rejected everyone's ambiguity, just waiting for an uncertain future for you.
72. The day when you are there will be my long companion.
73.You sit in the most expensive and tearful place in my heart
74. If you are used to something you can't get used to, then you will get used to it.
75, I have been unable to enter outside your door.
76. How many people graduated from the third grade are waiting for the terrible notice.
77. If I am not brave, who will be strong for me.
78. Missing someone may sometimes smile, but your heart will shed tears.
79. In the spring, I was as old as ever.
80. The smile after letting go is only used to cover the painful scars.
81. Since our first quarrel, I have known that we cannot sustain it anymore.
82. Love is born from the heart, love goes away from the heart, remember the original appearance of love, and don't get lost for love.
83. It turns out that a person's loneliness is not lonely. It is really lonely to miss a person who has already left.
84. I just walked alone for too long, long enough that I'm used to being alone.
85. Everyone is happy. But your happiness is often in the eyes of others.
86. Those people, those things, the past, no matter how they are modified, are too pale.
87. A smile can make gorgeous love, and a look can resist loneliness.
88. Contentment does not mean that we do not want to be aggressive, but that we cherish everything we have.
89. Being lonely means that there is no one in your heart, and loneliness means that someone in your heart is not around.
90. If one day I am old, please bury me in your time.
91. I am most afraid of the sudden quiet of the air, and most fear of the sudden rolling and cramping of the memories.
92. Yesterday is always past, today is always progressive, tomorrow is always fantasy, and every day is an equation.
93. If you can, it doesn't matter if I am the only one left in the world.
94. I don't know who my future husband is, and who I am in love with now.
95. Our love is like marshmallow, sweet and soft, but it will disappear one day.
96. Don't lose a smile even if you lose everything.
97. I never want to see the people in my memory, because I do n’t remember anymore.
98. Destiny determines who will enter our lives, and in our hearts we decide who we stand with.
99. Love casts a gloom on youth, and the original clear eyes hide sorrow.
100. You don't know, I have lost everything in the cycle that you turned around.

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